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Energy efficient power saving maya Tea withering fan:-

Introduction - WITHERING is the first and for most steps involved in tea manufacture. The evaporation of moisture in the green leaf is brought about by blowing or moving air over the leaf in the withering trough. The current of air performs a two functions viz., Conveying heat from the leaf as well as carrying away the water vapor through a bed of green leaves to achieve physical withering. Whenever the hygrometric difference is below 3° C, hot air is mixed in suitable proportion or heat energy is supplied to increase the hygrometric difference with the concomitant rise in the dry bulb temperature of air. But the dry bulb temperature of air after mixing should not exceed 35° C.

Considering all the above requirement and operating conduction MAYA fan develop a series specially dedicated for tea withering operation only.

And because tea withering fans are conventionally manufactured with impellers made of aluminum or mild steel. The grey area today is dimensional and surface finish stability of the metallic impellers. In fan blade, profile and its finish is most sensitive for the efficiency of the fan and because of corrosion on the metallic blade profile resistance for the flowing air increase this leads to high power consumption & high noise levels with lesser efficiency.
There for Introduction of fiberglass composite material and ease of processing helped designer of axial flow fans to adopt more efficient profiles with optimum distribution of fan blade chord and twist, which are difficult to generate  hollow in metals.  Owing to this fact hollow bladed FRP fans are being rapidly adopted for tea withering applications because of its following advantage-

·Freedom to optimal aerodynamic design of frp fan blades provides higher efficiency for tea withering application.

·Reduction in overall weight of frp fan assembly provides extended life of mechanical drive system.

·Low power consumption resulting in appreciable energy savings as compared to conventional metallic fans.

· Ease of frp fan handling and maintenance.

· Lower flow noise and mechanical noise levels compared to the conventional metallic fans.

· FRP fan have excellent corrosion and erosion resistance.

· FRP fan fabricated compression molding/resin transfer molding technique would have    uniform dimensions and consistent quality.

· FRP fan consume Lower power resulting in appreciable energy savings.

Note - we are always pleased to except the challenge of power saving by replacing the existing Tea withering fan on POP basis (payment on performance).  
Image of FRP tea withering fans
FRP tea withering fan
Image of Tea witherian fan types
Type of tea withering fans
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Smallest tea withering fan
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