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   Page Summary:-

          Application                 :     Mine Ventilation Fans
Power Saving             :     15 - 30%  visit here to know about Special Feature  Or view our fan performance FeedBack
          Diameter Range        :     2 - 16.4 feet
          Number of Blades    :     3 - 38
          Pressure Range         :      5 - 1000 mm of WC

Next Generation Energy efficient  mine ventilation fans:-

mine ventilation provides sufficient volume flow of air to the underground workings  of a mine to dilute and remove noxious  gases (typically NOx , SO2 , methane , CO2  and CO ) emit from various  equipment that runs on diesel  engines.

All these mine ventilation gases react with the environment moisture or water and produce very corrosive atmosphere which resultant corrosion in mine ventilation fan which spoil the whole profile of fan thus it reduces the mine ventilation fan efficiency drastically.

And because largest component of the operating cost for mine ventilation is electricity  to power the ventilation fans, which account for approximate one third of a typical underground mine's entire electrical power cost. Thus here saving a small % of energy can be very big contribution to the energy conservation.

Therefore to overcome from all these problem mayafan offer the best solution by our high efficient power saving FRP fan.

Introduction of fiber glass composite material and ease of processing helped in designing Mining fans to adopt more efficient profiles with optimum distribution of mining fan blade chord and twist, which are difficult to generate with metallic material. Owing to this fact hollow bladed FRP fans are being rapidly adopted for various applications as cooling tower, heat exchanger, humidification fan etc and now first time in the world Mayafan introduces these advantages in the mine ventilation fan with our most efficient design.

Maya mine ventilation fan standard features:

·Higher efficiency:- we are always ready to except the challenge of power saving from 15% to 30% over any existing mine ventilation fan.
·Excellent surface finish compare to entire metallic mine ventilation fan available in the industries.
·Excellent corrosion resistance there for performance is same even after long time of operation (performance not deteriorate by surface roughness due to corrosion in full life of mine ventilation fan)
·Maximum operating Temperature 200° Fahrenheit with normal resin. (Fire proof option is also available)

  Our mining fans include:

· variable and non-variable pitch axial flow main ventilation fans
· mixed flow underground booster fans - compact and robust
· adjustable/fixed pitch axial fans for underground auxiliary ventilation and portable mine fans
· Single stage and multi stage mine ventilation fan.

Range of maya mine ventilation fan includes all the application in mining industries:

·Hard-rock (metallic) mines ventilation fan.
·Coal mine ventilation fan (including coal bed methane mines ventilation fan)
·Industrial mineral (non metallic ingredient )mines ventilation fan

Note - we are always pleased to except the challenge of power saving by replacing the existing mine ventilation fan on the basis of POP (payment on performance).

image of mine-ventilation-fan-3d-moduling
Mine ventilation fan 3d moduling
Image of mine-ventilation-fan
mine ventilation fan
Image of single-stage-mine-ventilation-fan-line-diagram
single stage mine ventilation fans
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