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Energy efficient power saving Maya HVAC fans:

HVAC stands for "heating, ventilating, and air conditioning". HVAC is sometimes referred to as climate control and is particularly important in the design of medium to large industrial and office buildings such as skyscrapers  in marine environments and aquariums, where humidity and temperature must be closely regulated while maintaining safe and healthy conditions within.

In order to serve above purpose HVAC need fans called HVAC fans and blowers and these are used to move air through heating, ventilating, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems. They are an integral part of the air handling systems that bring or draw fresh air into buildings. HVAC fans and blowers can be mounted to an exterior wall (ventilation unit) or above the ceiling (plenum fan), or used as part of a ducted system (duct fan). The fan spins or the blower turns by means of an electric motor, thus creating unidirectional air flow. Often, the air is pre-heated or cooled. Types of HVAC fans and blowers include vents or ventilation fans, plenum fans, duct fans, duct blowers, roof fans, exhaust fans, inline fans, tube axial fans, vane axial fans, and centrifugal blowers.

Conventionally all of these HVAC fan and blowers are made of metallic material that suffers various problems due to limitations of the metal and thus fan efficiency is reduced.

To overcome these issues of metallic HVAC fans and blowers, Maya fan introduces composite FRP material with its most efficient design.
Introduction of fiber glass composite material and ease of processing helped in designing HVAC fans and blower to adopt more efficient profiles with optimum distribution of fan blade chord and twist, which are difficult to generate with metallic material.  Owing to this fact hollow bladed FRP fans are being rapidly adopted for various applications and are privileged with following advantages:

Freedom to fabricate optimum aerodynamic design of FRP HVAC fans blades provide higher efficiency for specific application.
Reduction in overall weight of HVAC FRP fans assembly provides extended life to mechanical drive system.
Low power consumption resulting in appreciable energy savings in contrast to conventional metallic fans.
Ease of FRP HVAC fan handling and maintenance.
Lower flow noise and mechanical noise levels compared to the conventional metallic fans.
HVAC FRP fan have excellent corrosion and erosion resistance.
HVAC FRP fan fabricated using compression molding/resin transfer molding technique would have uniform dimensions and consistent quality.
HVAC FRP fan consume Lower power resulting in appreciable energy savings.

Along with the above mentioned benefits of composite FRP material Maya HVAC fans offer following standard features:

Higher efficiency (we are always ready to accept the challenge to generate power saving from 15% to 25% over any existing HVAC fans)
Excellent surface finish compared to entire metallic HVAC fan range available in the industries.
Excellent corrosion resistance with consistent performance even after long time of operation.
Maximum operating Temperature 200 F with normal resin (Fire proof option is also available).

Mayafan offers HVAC fan for following needs:
1.Industrial HVAC fan
2.Roof top HVAC fan
3.Trane HVAC fan etc.
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