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Humidification fan and dehumidification fan are used to maintain the humidity of the required area.

Humidification fan used to increases humidity and dehumidification fan used to reduce the level of humidity.

These dehumidification and humidification fans have to operate in the environment containing access amount of moisture and because of this moisture either fans suffer from the low efficiency due to corrosion on its surface or need the high grade Stainless Steel which is very costly. Moreover, all the metallic fans are not able to adopt today’s most efficient profile properly because of the manufacturing process limitation of complicated fan geometry.

Therefore introduction of fiberglass composite material and ease of processing helped designer of humidification fan and dehumidification fan to adopt more efficient profiles with optimum distribution of dehumidification and humidification fan blade chord and twist, which are difficult to generate  hollowness in metals.  Owing to this fact hollow bladed FRP fans are being rapidly adopted for various applications including dehumidification and humidification fan.

Advantage of using FRP material in dehumidification and humidification fan:

Operating Economy: - High strength to weight ratio of FRP blades and their optimum Aerofoil section allows humidification fan and dehumidification fan to deliver the same air flow at lesser power.

Low noise level: - FRP blades have batter surface finish that reduces resistance to the floating air on its surface which lessen noise level of humidification and dehumidification fan.

Corrosion Resistance: - The blades are corrosion resistant even in high contaminated conditions that assure trouble free service over long period of time.

Standard features of Maya humidification and dehumidification fan:

· Higher efficiency:- In humidification and dehumidification fan we not only accept the challenge of power saving against metallic humidification and dehumidification fan (around 15 to 25%) but we are also pleased to take the challenge of providing power saving against other humidification and dehumidification FRP fan manufacturer (around 10  to 12%).
· Excellent surface finish amongst the entire metallic humidification and dehumidification fan available in the industries.
· Excellent corrosion resistance with consistent performance even after long time of operation.
· Maximum operating Temperature 200° F with normal resin (Fire proof option is also available).
· Light and Strong: Mayafan humidification and dehumidification fan blades are made of fiber which is light in weight and strong.

Maya humidification and dehumidification fan also include:

- Variable and non-variable pitch axial flow humidification and dehumidification fans.
- Maya fan offer humidification fans and dehumidification fans range from 2 to 10 feet.
- Maya humidification and dehumidification fans assemblies are dynamically or statically balance as per ISO 1940, balance quality grade 6.3
- Fans are dynamically balanced on Micro Processor Controlled hard bearing Dynamic Balancing Machine.
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Next Generation Energy efficient power saving humidification fans:

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