This gives us the capacity required to meet the delivery schedule of even the largest Fan Stack projects.

Maya Fan Air Engineering Pvt. Ltd. experienced manufacturing team employs rigorous quality assurance and control program as well as advanced manufacturing techniques to bring you engineered solutions that consistently fit, direct from the factory.

If required by the customer, the following can be produced and delivered:

· various types, diameters, and heights of fan stacks
· Colour as per input RAL

The fan stacks of Maya Fan, you tap into an outstanding combination of high quality plus advanced manufacturing techniques:

· Wide selection of sizes- 100 different stock profiles with custom mould available.
· Resins available in general purpose or Class I or Class II Fire Retardant formulations.
· Colours available in the standard Mist Grey or optional custom colours.
· Hand laid with layers of woven and mat fabrics to maintain product consistency. We also offer spray fiber stack.
· Mat and woven fabrics are specifically engineered into the total laminate to provide the      structural requirements needed to make our fan stacks the finest in the industry.
· Quality Assurance Program of Maya Fan Air Engineering Pvt. Ltd. provides detailed standards and records for each manufactured item.

Maya Fan Air Engineering Pvt. Ltd. has emerged as the leading Exporter and Manufacturer of COOLING TOWER FRP FAN STACK and supplying FRP Fan Stack products in different parts. Renowned for its best quality products, and efficient customer services.

The fiberglass fan stacks will also deliver the added benefit of exceptional corrosion resistance, excellent impact-and-dent resistance, and easy maintenance, ensuring long-lasting performance.”

FRP Fan Stack Technical Advantages as follow:

1. Mould closed, safe environment, safe for production workers, filling the whole plastic mould, precision sizing of final product.
2.To create a glossy surface on both sides.
3.The percentage of fiber products can be up to 60%.
4. Homogeneous product, so very few bubbles make a more durable product, stronger, supplier.
5. Less waste.
6. Production time will be faster.

Advantages of the final product with glossy surface on both sides.

1. Both sides of the surface applied Gelcoat thus colour will last longer.
2. Both sides with smooth surface do not attract dirt. Easy for maintenance/cleaning.
3. Aesthetic (looks better).

Industrial application:

· energy industries
· petrochemical industry
· chemical industry
· engineering industry and metallurgy
· mining industry
· plastic and rubber industry
· paper industry
· manufacturing industry (food-processing, sugar refineries)


· Non Corrosive
· Easy Fabrication
· High Strength to weight ratio
· Maintenance Free
· Customized Solution
· Long Life and Economical

Our fan stacks are manufactured from high quality hand-laid FRP. We also provide fan stack selection fabricated from fire retardant, self-extinguishing resin systems.
Our fan stacks include a bolted-in-place removable access panel for inspection of the mechanical drive equipment from the cooling tower deck level. In addition, we provide an observation port above the cooling tower fan blade path.


When it is time to replace your existing cooling tower fan stack and you need a company that can offer safe and efficient labour, Maya Fans Services can help.
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FRP Fan Stack :

Cooling Tower Fan stack
Cooling tower Fan Stack
ACC Fan Bell
ACC Fan bell

   Page Summary:-

          Application                     :     Cooling tower fans, Heat Exchanger Fans, Mine Ventilation fans etc.
          Diameter Range            :     2 - 55 feet or as required.
          Resine Type                    :    
General purpose or Class I or Class II Fire Retardant formulations
The fan stack is an essential part of the cooling tower as well as a part of the propeller fan, mitigating pressure loss produced by high input air speed.                                                                                                                                                       Fan stacks for cooling towers are made from layered laminated polyester, and they have a double-coat design. Their inner smooth surface allows for the fast removal of air. The outer surface provides high strength and resistance against climatic conditions and the operation of cooling towers. The shape of the classical cylindrical fan stack contributes to lower noise and vibration not only of the fan itself, but the whole cooling tower.

The fan stack design significantly reduces velocity pressure at the exit of the fan stack when compared to that of the throat (the ring in which the fan operates). Since the quantity of air is the same throughout the fan stack, the recovery of velocity pressure is converted into static pressure “regain", which lowers the total pressure requirements of the fan, thereby reducing its overall power consumption compared to conventional unflared fan stacks.

Here at Maya Fan Air Engineering Pvt. Ltd., we take great pride in manufacturing some of the finest fiberglass fan stacks available for cooling towers. For over a decade we have been the fan stacks of choice by cooling tower manufactures, utilities and industrial companies around the globe. They choose Maya Fan for our high quality, best value and unmatched customer service.
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